What is the Best Gift for a New Born Baby?

What makes Silverware the Best Gift to a Baby?

Silver is used for making jewelry, utensils, boxes and even furniture from an ancient time. Especially in India, silver jewelry has a special place in mythologies and people’s lives. When it comes to gifting a baby, we always think something special. What can be more special than something made of silver that is precious and has lots of benefits? Moreover, the baby and his parents can treasure it for life.

Why is Silverware Best Gift for Babies?

We have always heard the proverb “Born with a silver spoon”. In India and surrounding countries in Indian sub-continent and even in some western countries, silver is considered as the best gift for a baby ever since he is born. But the question is why? Why is silverware like a bowl or a bracelet made of silver always considered the best choice for baby giftings over any other stuff like clothing, baby care products or toys?

• Tradition says, feeding a baby with the silver spoon or keeping baby food or milk in a silver bowl has some health benefits. Even science backs up this statement with proofs.
• Gift is precious, looks awesome and can be kept an asset
• In almost all religions and cultures, silver is considered as “lucky”
• Silver, when paired with gemstones or silver jewelry alone, has astrological benefits and do not affect good stars. It suits everyone astrologically.
• Good for baby’s skin and does not create any irritation like any other heavy metal.
• Silver spoon” is considered a sign of royalty all over the world.

Benefits of and Advantages Using Silverware and Silver Jewellery for Babies:

Feeding a baby first time of his life using a silver bowl and silver spoon is considered a royal affair. But keep aside the show-off, there are many other benefits of using silver on babies whether it is jewelry or utensils. Let’s find out –

Health Benefits:

When you use a metal utensil for a baby, you are always concerned about its safety. Silver is considered the safest metal to use as a utensil. Health advantages of using silver are many.
a. Science has proved that silver kills bacteria. Bacteria can never be immune to silver and thus it stops bacterial and fungal growth.
b. Silver is non-toxic and is very safe to feed the baby. Silver does not react with food and thus food remains safe and healthy in silver bowls.
c. Silver is anti-microbe. It removes microbes like salmonella typhi or e-coli and keeps babies safe from diseases like typhoid.
d. Milk or any other food remains fresh for long in a silver utensil and thus it is very good for storage unlike plastic or other metal.
e. Science proves that silver builds immunity in children.
f. Silver reacts with metals like arsenic or lead and thus it can be used to detect these toxic substances in water for babies putting a silver coin into it.


Silverware can be customized before gifting. Like, engrave babies name into it. In some cultures, people engrave their religious sign into a silver bracelet or pendant. They believe that by doing this the holy sign or image of God will be with the baby forever and it will protect him from odds throughout his life. In India, some people engrave babies parent’s name in bracelets. Also, beautiful and inspirational quotes can be engraved in a silver bowl or bracelet.


There is literally an ocean of things to gift to a baby in today’s world. But everyone has specific choice of clothing, baby care brands or toys. If someone gives a silverware, it is just everyone’s choice. Moreover, there are many choices and varieties available for products that are made up of silver. Silver cups of different sizes, silver utensils like bowls, plates, spoons etc, silver bracelets, silver pendants with photograph options, anklets silver chains etc. You can get beautiful designs and patterns according to your choice and budget.


Clothing, towels, and toys have to be different for boys and girls. Moreover, some people like to have specific colors for each gender, like blue for boys and pink for girls. Silver utensils and bracelets are unisex. It can be gifted to a baby boy as well as a baby girl without worrying much about the gender of a newborn baby.

Useful Gift

Unlike showpieces, toys or photo-frames, silverware can be utilized. Utensils can be used for feeding for a longer period of time and throughout life. Also, bracelets or anklets made of silver can be worn as long as wanted.

Royal Gift

Silver is considered as a symbol of Royalty in most of the cultures. Silver multiplies the beauty of precious white or blue gemstones like diamond or sapphire. Therefore, thrones and crowns were made of silver with these precious stones in ancient times. Even in 21st-century silver is considered to be a royal gift for babies.

A Gift Forever

Gifts made of silver are strong and long-lasting. Also, these are very easy to clean and preserve. Because of the durability of the metal, silver utensils, bracelets or silver cups can be used for the baby longer, till he is minimum 10 years old. Then these gifts can be preserved forever for generations.

Anyone can Gift It

Gifting has some social norms in every culture. Parents or relatives can gift something, that friends or outsiders can’t etc. But, in case of silver products, it can be gifted by anyone and acceptable in every culture. Also, silver gifts are inexpensive but precious. So, anyone can afford to give a silver bowl, silver bracelet or a silver cup and bring a smile to the parent’s faces.

Gifts are valuable and should be given and kept like treasure. If you want to give a baby something healthy, durable and precious memory, give him silver bowl, silver bracelet or a silver cup as a gift.

How to Clean Black Tarnish from Silver Utensils and Bracelets?

Tips to Keep Silverware Clean and Shining

Silverware is always the most astonishing décor for the kitchen and showcases. Pieces of jewelry, flatware, tulip cups, tableware, and bracelets – all look adorable. The additional health benefits of the element double up the joy of using them.
The only problem occurs when silverwares start tarnishing. But you obviously don’t want toxic effects and some questions hit your mind –

How to clean silver items?

How to wash silver bracelet daily to retain its qualities and shine?

Which is the safe method to wash silver utensils and jewelry?

The brain starts clashing between market-ready products or by washing naturally. So, here we are, with some really great silverware washing tips. Let’s start with the cause first.

But Why Silver Tarnishes?

silver tarnish
Yellow to brown to black to darker colors – silver tarnishes and makes it difficult to clean the silver items. But do you know why it happens?
Hydrogen Sulfide or polluted air is the main causes of silver turning black. When food with high content of hydrogen, sulfur or copper is served in such vessels, oxidization takes place. The antique silver is covered will full layer of such oxide, forming the patina, and is considered exquisite.

Things to Avoid – How to Prevent Silver from Tarnishing

Before learning the cleaning methods for the silver products, you must understand the silverware washing tips for prevention of tarnishing. After all, no tarnish means no cleansing, right?

No Copper Detergents

Well. If you’ve read the reason of silver blackness (read above), you must know why NEVER to use copper detergents. You should definitely not apply a substance which is the main cause of black spots and tarnishing of silver i.e. Copper.

Avoid Dish Washing Liquid for Silverwares

Sterling silver items and silver-plated products should never be put into the dishwasher. Here are the causes –
• The roughness of detergent, as well as heat produced, will result in the dullness of silverware.
• If silver vessel touches stainless steel, black spots may arrive.
• In the dishwasher, the cleaning process can remove the patina (explained above) from antique silver items.

Keep away your Toothpaste

Do you use toothpaste for washing silver utensils and jewelry?

If yes, never do it again, especially for the plated materials. The abrasive ingredients of toothpaste will harm the luster and polish of silver.

Silverware Washing Tips – How to Clean Silver Items?

The best way of clearing the black spots is cleaning them by washing naturally. Here are some safe methods to wash silver utensils and jewelry –

Using Aluminum Foil, Vinegar and Sea Salt

Put aluminum foils in a bowl with the shiny side up and sprinkle baking soda (1 tablespoon, more will it’ll harm your jewelry or vessels) and 1 tbsp sea salt on it. Pour a cup of boiled water and ½ cup vinegar and in the bowl with the arrangement we just made for silver cleaning. Leave the bracelets and jewelry in the bowl for some time. Then take it out with kitchen tong, rinse it and let it dry.

Using Ketchup

Pour ketchup into a dish and keep the silver bracelet, utensils and jewelry submerged in it for 10 minutes. Take it out and rinse with warm water.

Using Banana Peels

banana peels
Take banana peels and some drops of water to make a paste. Use a cloth to rub the paste on your silverware or bracelet or jewelry piece. Wash it afterward and remove the sticky parts using cloth.

Silverware Washing and Keeping Tips

You have already learned safe methods to wash silver utensils and jewelry. Some tips, apart from silverware washing tips, which you should definitely know are –
• Store jewelry, bracelets, utensils and all silver pieces in airtight containers and dry them before you enclose. You can use cotton to cover utensils.
• If there is excessive tarnish, you may need to visit a jeweler.
• For bracelets and other items – wash them regularly. These items have to face pollution, soap, and detergents along with you.
• Use them regularly instead of occasional showcasing.
Hope the article has taught you well about how to clean silver items and the safe methods to wash silver utensils and jewelry daily. So, try these silverware washing tips for washing your silver belongings naturally. Don’t forget to tell which idea worked the best for you.

Foods That Should Not be Served in Silverware

Serving in Silver Utensils: Foods to Avoid

The tradition of serving food in silver vessels goes as long back as we can think. Even our ancestors must have known the benefits we get when eating in silver vessels.
Here are some of the benefits of serving food in silver vessels:
1. It boosts immunity – Silver being an anti-bacterial element always repels the production of bacteria and helps boost immunity this way.
2. Nontoxic – Being anti-bacterial, it kills any bacteria present in the food and helps make your food non-toxic.
3. Helps your food retain freshness and water content – Our ancestors often used silver to keep water fresh. They even used to store wines in silver vessels to retain its freshness.
But everything has exceptions including using silver. So there are some foods which might react with silver and might not be healthy for you or the baby.

Foods which should be avoided when serving in silver vessels

This blog is especially for those of you who proudly own a silver set of cutlery. Serving food in silver vessels is often seen as a royal gesture, but there are certain precautions which should be taken and certain food items which should be avoided when serving food in silver vessels.
Here is a list of some of the ingredients which will give an idea about which dishes should be avoided when serving food in silver vessels.


If you have guests and you have to serve salt in silver shaker during supper or lunch, immediately empty it as soon as the guests leave. After emptying it, wash the silver shaker with any non-lemon based soap and then again with water to remove all the salt residues which might corrode the silver. After washing thoroughly, dry it by using a clean cotton cloth.
If you notice any black spots or corrosion in the shaker, give it a 10-minute ammonia bath inside any sealed container. Check your silver shaker every 10 minutes up to 45 minutes, if the black spots still remain, give it for professional cleaning.


acidic fruits
It is best to avoid serving any acidic food item in your silver cutlery set. Any acidic food containing lemon, vinegar as well as pickles harm your silver set once they come in direct contact with your silver vessels.


eggs basket
Always avoid serving onions, puddings, custards or any dishes containing eggs like mayonnaise, omelette in it. Such food items will react once they come into direct contact with the silver. Stains caused by them is actually a layer of tarnish which gets formed when sulphur in these food items combines with silver of your vessels and leaves a thin layer of silver-sulphide on the surface of your silver vessel. As silver sulphide is black, the stains caused by sulphur are also black.
Avoid serving foods containing eggs to baby in silverware.

Avoid ruining your silver vessels when washing them

Not only you should avoid some food items as they can harm your sterling silver set, but you also need to be extremely careful when cleaning these vessels.
As silver is delicate, it needs to be washed carefully and is not for the casual washers who prefer the harsh dishwasher environment. Using dishwashers, pads and abrasive detergents can easily ruin your silver set as it might cause scratches and decrease the shine of your set. Always try to prefer a non-lemon based soap along with warm water to wash your silver set.
Another important point to remember while cleaning your silver set is that always try to avoid using chemical silver dips for cleaning corrosion of tarnish from your silver set. These stain removers contain chemicals which are highly toxic and will harm your silver set.

Difference between Silver and Sterling Silver

Silver For Baby: Pure Silver Vs Sterling Silver

You may have heard that in ancient time, silver has found many uses in the daily lives of people. At that time, everything like fork, spoon, jar, cups contained (partially or completely) this amazing metal.

Using silver for baby has many health benefits and merits as compared to other materials. Enriched in minerals content, this element is best to use in the manufacturing of the utensils.

Fine silver contains 99% of pure silver which is too soft to make utensils and functional objects. To make it hard, the alloy is generally added. It improves the quality of the product.

Usually, there are two types of silver – Sterling Silver and Silver, which are used to make utensils. People often get confused about these types of metals. Let’s see how there are different and how they affect the baby.

What is Sterling Silver? Why is it Used?

Sterling silver is an alloy and a form of pure silver. It contains 92.5% of silver and the remaining 7.5 is other metal usually copper, zinc, germanium, platinum, silicon etc.

This mixing reduces efforts in the casting of this metal while trying to give it the desired shape. It also increases resistance to air and moisture which cause dullness and diminished luster of metal.

Is Sterling Silver Better than Pure Silver?

Pure silver is so soft that it has no strength for standing alone. If it is manufactured alone, it breaks up easily. These properties make the silver unsuitable for cups, spoon, and plates.

It stretches out easily when used in pure form. Consider making a spoon out of it. That spoon will obviously cause bleeding of the tongue due to broken corners. Whereas in sterling silver, copper is added which give strengthen it, making it unbreakable.

Sterling Silver is a natural antiseptic and helps in resisting inflammation. Having excellent medical effects, sterling silver is good for your baby.
Silver doesn’t react with air, oxygen and water. It does not form silver oxides. It is considered one of the least reactive substances in its pure form. But it is affected by air pollution which turns it into black.

Sterling silver is relatively less in cost as compared to pure silver. It is also a good conductor of heat and electricity.

To preserve the properties of silver utensils, like its luster and brightness, other alloys are added to it.

Is Serving Food in Sterling Silverware Good for My Baby?

This question should definitely be answered in a “Yes”. The causes can be understood from the upcoming section.

In sterling silver, only 7.5% other metal alloys are added to make it stronger, without compromising with its positive attributes. Also, Sterling silver does not decrease the medical efficacy of the metal. It will give your baby following health benefits –

 It will keep your baby food bacteria-free and non-toxic.
 It increases the immunity of baby and has antimicrobial activity.
 It increases the shelf life of the food.
 Also, it prevents you from using the plastics, making the food safer for the child.

Silver is so much in trend till now, due to its beneficial effects on our health. Giving silver dinner set on baby’s arrival is in rituals. It is believed that like silver’s longevity, baby’s age also increases. It is because – the silver increase immunity.

The Verdict

Silver, in its purest form, is unstable and hence not fit for manufacturing of vessels, ornaments, etc. Using sterling silver is, hence, the better option for your baby’s safety and health.

Are you still confused while thinking of Silver vs Sterling Silver? Ask us by commenting below.

Feeding Milk in a Silver Cup to Baby: Is it Safe?

Is it Safe to Serve Milk in Silver Cup to Your Baby

Have you heard of the Famous Saying – Born with the Silver Spoon in the mouth?

What comes to mind? The royal connection!

You are correct but here is another thing to pay attention at. Maybe our ancestors wanted us to consider the amazing properties of silver & silverwares. Silver have so many good properties which make it superior from other utensils.

Do you wonder whether to feed milk in the silver cup to your baby or not and how safe is it? If yes, then read every section to understand it well. Let’s start with answering the title question before comparing it with other utensils and discussing its properties –

Is it Safe to Feed Milk to Baby in Silver Cup?

The very simple answer to this question will be – YES, of course, it is.

When it comes to your baby’s health, you should prefer the best alternatives every time. Same is true for the vessels you are using to serve milk, food, or drinks to your child. Preferring the silver cups and plate will be hundred percent safe and probably the best.

Why is Silver Better than Other Utensils?

There are many metals, plastics and other materials which are being used to manufacture the pots but why to use silverware for kids? Is it what’s hitting your mind right now? Learn some of the causes from the following list –

• It is non-leachable which means, unlike plastics, the metal will not dissolve in liquid (at any temperature) being served in it.
• Silver is non-toxic or does not react with food, unlike other material.
• Do not contaminate milk. Instead, it’s known to kill the bacteria.
• Have no effect on milk consistency or taste.
• It acts as a great purifier, being used from ancient times. Keeping milk in it over the night will remove all impurities.
• It is not health-hazardous.
• One of the metals, being used for a long time (implies well-tasted)

Best of all, this element is more beneficial for the babies in comparison to the adults. It is because the immunity and resistance to bacterial infections are much needed for babies. Their developing little body and weak metabolism can be breached easily otherwise.

Why Feeding Milk in Silver Will Benefit the Baby?

There are many causes which make silver the best constituent in the manufacturing of containers, pots, spoons, cups, bowls, and plates as you read in above points. Now, let’s talk about the benefits of serving milk in it.

Silver as Antibacterial and Antimicrobial Agent

Yes, silver has disastrous effects on microbes or bacteria. Silver kills E-coli, Salmonella Typhi and many bad bacteria which can cause baby’s sickness or mortality. Giving milk in silver metal frees from any microbes. So, it is safe if you are using silver utensils.

Silver has Great Longevity

Silver is considered as one of the best metal for storing, preserving and fermenting drinks and eatables. Many people use silver coins or spoon in milk to keep it fresh. You can also do the same. Use silver for your storing baby’s food or milk in cups or containers so that milk or food does not lose its healthy characteristics.

Silver as Immunity Booster

In most countries, people believe that silver gives immunity to infants. Silver is a non-toxic element which does not adversely react with food although it makes food good by working as an immunity enhancer. This is the reason why silver is used as the main constituent in many tonics which induces immunity.

Silver’s Non-toxicity

It is universally accepted that Silver is non-toxic in nature. It will not react with foods and will not cause any toxicity to food although it will detect poisonous presences if there is any such constituent is present in the food. Yes! This metal has a unique characteristic of detecting poisonous matter like Arsenic or Sulphur in your food.

In the old time, royal families were fed in Silverwares to check if the food, milk or any drink is safe to consume or not.

Coolant Properties of Silver

You must have noticed that jewelry products are made of silver. It is because they keep to body cool. The sunstroke and other heat borne problems can be avoided if your child is using silver cups for drinking milk.

No Expiry Date

Plastics, BPA-free Plastics, Bone China, Glass, and so on – List is lost if you start counting the substances which can be carved out in cups and glass for the babies for feeding the milk. But every of them comes with an expiry date (don’t take it literally) – either they broke, or becomes unusable.

For example, any plastic cup (or any vessel) should expire from your kitchen (and baby’s life) in at most 6 months. But if you talk about silver, it can be used for a long-long time. Probably for whole your life!

Also, washing and cleaning are easy. However, you can consider the following things, while buying it for baby, in order to make its use easy and safe for you and the baby –

For Baby – Choose round-cornered products.
For you – Selected the least carved cups to make cleaning easy. Plain cups will be perfect.

What Effects Silver has on Your Body?

If we are talking in purely medical terms, considering the effect of this substance on the diseases and human body, to understand the importance of feeding milk in the silver cup, here are some unbelievable things silver do –

• Relieves from Chronic Fever
• Increases stamina and Strength of Body
• Empowers the body if it is weakened by long illness
• Heals the swelling of Intestine
• Bladder’s hyperactivity can be controlled through it
• Excellent for heart or liver

Above all, it controls a bad-tempered mind if your kid has it.

Why NOT Plastics!

Plastics can look good, cheap and widely available but not all the glitter is gold. When you’ll serve any hot drink, like milk in it, the coagulation of plastic particles will make the drink hazardous.

You may have got the answer that why old movies, people, and texts depict and favor the silverware when it’s about feeding to a baby. Also, your secret behind having good immunity is revealed (confirm from your parents if you were fed in silver/metal pots or not).

From childhood, you may have seen people gifting and buying silver utensil at baby’s birth and following ceremonies. The only reason behind this is the belief that silver induces longevity of life.

When you will peek into your old Granny’s cupboard, you will find many heavy silver utensils living in there. The use of silver in human races is being practiced from ancient time. From persevering food material to making food healthier, silver is considered as the best. Silver have various health values, for which it’s considered as one of the main utensils which should be used for feeding the child.

After reading this article, you must have known about silver’s facts and health effects on your baby’s life. So, stop the plastics from deteriorating the kid’s health and start feeding milk (or any hot drink) in the silverwares from now.

Why Should You Use Silver Utensils for Your Baby?

Medical Benefits of using Silver Utensils

Feeding your baby her first food is like a royal serving. When it is time for solids to your baby, you are extra careful. What is best for child’s health, what he/she likes to eat and many such questions! But in all these thoughts, have you forgotten to keep a check on the vessel in which every food and drink, healthy or unhealthy, is being served?

Do you want to know about the healthiest metal, which you can use to feed your baby every time? It is silver.

To start life in a royal and healthier way, a mother should give food to their baby in silver utensils and water or milk in the silver glass. After all, they are the most precious and adorable human beings on earth.

If you are still not sure whether to feed your baby in this metal then know the health and usability benefits of these vessels in next section.

In old days Kings and the Royal family were served food in Silverware. Was it just for royal lifestyle or there’s any scientific reason behind it?

Note – It is good to buy round cornered silver utensils for your baby so that it does not hurt your little baby.

Health Benefits of Silver Utensils

Babies need to maintain a strong metabolism with the help of their diet. Using unhealthy substances to store or serve food will make the food unhealthy too. So, better is to use metal vessels to serve milk and food and best is selecting healthier metal which is affordable too.

All above conditions point towards Silver. See what are the major health benefits and factors strongly favoring it for the babies –

Antibacterial Properties

The metal is best known for its therapeutic efficacy as an antibacterial substance. It kills the bacteria or stops the fungal growth in order to make your food healthier. You should use its utensils for your baby undoubtedly. Providing 100 percent surety of being bacteria-free, silver particles break bacterial cells, causing Lysis of bacteria, hence it is safer for your baby.

Antimicrobial Activity

It eliminates many microbes like E. Coli and salmonella Typhi bacteria to prevent food poisoning, gastrointestinal inflammation, and urinary tract infections. This element can benefit your baby by giving him protection against microbial organisms. It causes inhibitions of fungi and microbial growth.


Often, you must have noticed that when you put milk in plastic bottles, it smells stinky which means it gets deteriorated. Our ancestors used vessels, made of traditional metal, for storing purpose. There was a wide acceptance that it keeps milk, wine, and other foods safely for a longer period of time.

As a Purifier

Pots, made of this metal, were used in ancient time. The logic behind it is the purifying property of silver. Egyptians and Romanians used to keep water in its containers. Silver act as a powerful sanitizer and using silver vessels results in the purity of milk, keeping it germs free. So, you can give it to drink to your baby without worries.

Flashback – Silver coins were used to purify the water in wells and containers. Silver is an utterly pure substance with amazing characteristics.

Some purifiers are now advertising that they are utilizing silver in the purification process. However, you can put purified water in silver container to save a big amount (just saying)

Long lasting

Silver utensils are long lasting you can use silver for life long as durability of silver does not alter its consistency. You may found it costly but it is actually cheap as it all comes in your favor when used for years.


Silver is non-toxic (in fact, it is toxin detector) in nature. It helps to lower body’s temperature which is good for your baby to keep him away from heat stroke. Sterilizing silver is not needed as it is antibacterial itself. Silver have a unique property to check whether the food is poisonous or not, silver particles react with toxins and change its color if the food is poisonous.

Immunity Enhancer

You have no idea how useful silver is in enhancing the immunity of our body. It decreases infection and enhances resistance power. While serving hot, food will absorb melted and infused particles of that metal boosting your baby’s immunity.
If you are using silver utensils for your baby, you are eventually increasing your baby’s immunity. Silver foils or silver as an ingredient is also added in many supplements as an immunity booster.

Detection of Poison

Before giving food to your baby, you can’t check whether it is good for him or not but silver have this unique characteristic. Being highly reactive, silver when bought in contact with sulfur, forms a layer as it detects the presence of sulfides or arsenic and other poisonous substance.

Flashback – Decades back, the food was served to royal families in silver to make sure it’s non-poisonous.

NOTE: As Silver reacts to sulphur, serving eggs in silverware will change its color. Though the food is still safe, it is advised that you do not serve Eggs (hence also not custards, mayonnaise and puddings) or Salty food in silverware.

Bad breath

Silver is beneficial for your baby’s mouth as it neutralizes tooth decay, respiratory infection, and bad breath. It stops the growth of bacteria deep in throat and on the tongue, which also improves your baby’s breath and mouth sores.

For your awareness – Eating in plastic and non-BPA plates are hazardous for the health. They cause possible mental, hormonal, and genetic changes with the pace of time. (Though not turning you to alien but damaging a lot)

Did this question ever bother you that why eating in silver, mud, and banana leaves were so much in use in ancient time?

You may think that royals could afford the silver while others had to use cheaper alternates but that’s not the only logic behind it.

The answer is because these are good for our health and mental wellbeing. Silver was used in many configurations including containers, vessels, sutures, and coins. The fact is also proved by many researchers now.

There are more good things about silver, apart from the health. Check the merit part to understand it well –

Merits of Silver Utensils Over Other Materials

Easy to use

You can use silver easily. Heating or other exposure won’t affect silver utensil. Washing silver utensils don’t require much effort.


Use silver utensils lifelong, you don’t have to worry about breakage. It’s not easily breakable – your baby need be superman to break it.


You can use silver metal for storing purpose as none other metal is effective as silver.

Money Factor

If you are thinking that such utensils are very pricey, then start thinking of long-term. These spoons, mugs, glasses, plates and bowls will remain untarnished for decades, totally removing the need to get new things to eat in. so, it’s very cheap in long term.
And, you can always show off as silver never goes out of trend.

Using silver vessels will eventually increase food’s natural consistency and make healthier. Many people are unaware that silver is proved as one of the best metals for our body so still using plastic or other items for serving or making food. Also, it is not expensive and everyone can afford it if not bought yet. It is stylish as well.

Health and well-being don’t only come along with food only but it also depends on how effectively you are maintaining the hygiene. A healthy living surrounds healthy eating habits. One of the healthy eating habits is linked to the utensils, which you are using to eat in.

Benefits are unlimited but you must have to feed your baby instead of continuing to read this post of next some hours.

Hoping your baby will enjoy eating in silver cups and plates with tiny spoons, as these sparkling, healthy and beautiful utensils are made to love. Interest in food also increases the appetite so it’s a win-win for you.

If you know more health benefits or have any confusion, then just write to us by commenting below!

Best Alternatives to Plastic Baby Bottles

Baby’s Health – Say NO To Plastic. Use Better Alternatives!

Many of us can’t assume living a life without plastics but… is it also good for your little baby, who has entered the world with small organs and not-so-strong metabolism?

Of course not! Becoming a mother could be the happiest feeling ever but it brings responsibilities. You must be making each and every effort to keep your baby healthy, trying to give him every possible thing which is beneficial for her health. I agree that feeding a baby is the most challenging thing if you start considering health factor and vessels.

Baby plastic bottles are considered as health deteriorating products. These are Carcinogenic. Once the plastic bottles come in contact with hot substances, there start a reaction which, after getting into humans blood stream, make possibly harmful changes. If that human is a baby – multiply the effects 🙁

According to recent researches, these bottles affect your baby’s mental health. Drinking in these bottles may make hormonal changes in her. Isn’t it enough to convince you for avoiding plastics bottles?

After knowing possible adverse effects of your baby’s plastic bottle, you are surely making plans to how to switch away from those unhealthy bottles. So, here are some

Good Healthy Alternatives to Plastic Bottles for Your Baby

Silver Cups

Silver have a lot of therapeutic value. It is widely used in India and many other countries from ancient times. In Ancient time, people used to dip the silver spoons in water for purification purposes.

It is the trend that people give you silver utensils at baby’s birth. The logic behind this gift is to feed your baby with silver utensils. When all the things are in favor of your baby, then why to choose plastic?

Giving milk in silver cups also boost your baby’s immunity. And the best part is – silver vessels, bottles, bowls, and spoons are so fancy and attractive that your baby can never deny eating!

Stainless Steel

stainless steel baby bottles
Image Credit: Alicia Voorhies Via Flickr

From the starting of modernism, people use stainless steel as a utensil. Steel is considered as a fantastically safe stuff. It’s an iron alloy. Like all other metals, it is also good for health. You can use stainless steel made baby’s milk cup because of its non-toxicity. It is non-reactivate and we can also use it in preparing food.


Image Credit: Alicia Voorhies Via Flickr
No one can forget Glass, especially when we are talking about utensils. Glass is considered as one of the best utensils material. For your baby’s purpose, this could be the best alternative. Keeping the only major drawback aside (It’s easily breakable so better don’t let the baby PLAY with it alone), it has lots of merits also. It’s is non-reactive which is beneficial for your baby’s health.

BPA Free Plastic

bps free plastic baby bottles
You can use any bottle which is BPA free. BPA is a chemical compound, which can cause possible genetic or hormonal changes in your baby’s brain. Read out baby’s bottle carefully it should have printed words that the bottle is BPA free.

Which alternative you’ve liked the most as the best replacement of plastic bottles? Tell by commenting below. Do not forget to share other healthy plastic alternatives to keep babies fit!