Best Alternatives to Plastic Baby Bottles

Baby’s Health – Say NO To Plastic. Use Better Alternatives!

Many of us can’t assume living a life without plastics but… is it also good for your little baby, who has entered the world with small organs and not-so-strong metabolism?

Of course not! Becoming a mother could be the happiest feeling ever but it brings responsibilities. You must be making each and every effort to keep your baby healthy, trying to give him every possible thing which is beneficial for her health. I agree that feeding a baby is the most challenging thing if you start considering health factor and vessels.

Baby plastic bottles are considered as health deteriorating products. These are Carcinogenic. Once the plastic bottles come in contact with hot substances, there start a reaction which, after getting into humans blood stream, make possibly harmful changes. If that human is a baby – multiply the effects 🙁

According to recent researches, these bottles affect your baby’s mental health. Drinking in these bottles may make hormonal changes in her. Isn’t it enough to convince you for avoiding plastics bottles?

After knowing possible adverse effects of your baby’s plastic bottle, you are surely making plans to how to switch away from those unhealthy bottles. So, here are some

Good Healthy Alternatives to Plastic Bottles for Your Baby

Silver Cups

Silver have a lot of therapeutic value. It is widely used in India and many other countries from ancient times. In Ancient time, people used to dip the silver spoons in water for purification purposes.

It is the trend that people give you silver utensils at baby’s birth. The logic behind this gift is to feed your baby with silver utensils. When all the things are in favor of your baby, then why to choose plastic?

Giving milk in silver cups also boost your baby’s immunity. And the best part is – silver vessels, bottles, bowls, and spoons are so fancy and attractive that your baby can never deny eating!

Stainless Steel

stainless steel baby bottles
Image Credit: Alicia Voorhies Via Flickr

From the starting of modernism, people use stainless steel as a utensil. Steel is considered as a fantastically safe stuff. It’s an iron alloy. Like all other metals, it is also good for health. You can use stainless steel made baby’s milk cup because of its non-toxicity. It is non-reactivate and we can also use it in preparing food.


Image Credit: Alicia Voorhies Via Flickr
No one can forget Glass, especially when we are talking about utensils. Glass is considered as one of the best utensils material. For your baby’s purpose, this could be the best alternative. Keeping the only major drawback aside (It’s easily breakable so better don’t let the baby PLAY with it alone), it has lots of merits also. It’s is non-reactive which is beneficial for your baby’s health.

BPA Free Plastic

bps free plastic baby bottles
You can use any bottle which is BPA free. BPA is a chemical compound, which can cause possible genetic or hormonal changes in your baby’s brain. Read out baby’s bottle carefully it should have printed words that the bottle is BPA free.

Which alternative you’ve liked the most as the best replacement of plastic bottles? Tell by commenting below. Do not forget to share other healthy plastic alternatives to keep babies fit!

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