Feeding Milk in a Silver Cup to Baby: Is it Safe?

Is it Safe to Serve Milk in Silver Cup to Your Baby

Have you heard of the Famous Saying – Born with the Silver Spoon in the mouth?

What comes to mind? The royal connection!

You are correct but here is another thing to pay attention at. Maybe our ancestors wanted us to consider the amazing properties of silver & silverwares. Silver have so many good properties which make it superior from other utensils.

Do you wonder whether to feed milk in the silver cup to your baby or not and how safe is it? If yes, then read every section to understand it well. Let’s start with answering the title question before comparing it with other utensils and discussing its properties –

Is it Safe to Feed Milk to Baby in Silver Cup?

The very simple answer to this question will be – YES, of course, it is.

When it comes to your baby’s health, you should prefer the best alternatives every time. Same is true for the vessels you are using to serve milk, food, or drinks to your child. Preferring the silver cups and plate will be hundred percent safe and probably the best.

Why is Silver Better than Other Utensils?

There are many metals, plastics and other materials which are being used to manufacture the pots but why to use silverware for kids? Is it what’s hitting your mind right now? Learn some of the causes from the following list –

• It is non-leachable which means, unlike plastics, the metal will not dissolve in liquid (at any temperature) being served in it.
• Silver is non-toxic or does not react with food, unlike other material.
• Do not contaminate milk. Instead, it’s known to kill the bacteria.
• Have no effect on milk consistency or taste.
• It acts as a great purifier, being used from ancient times. Keeping milk in it over the night will remove all impurities.
• It is not health-hazardous.
• One of the metals, being used for a long time (implies well-tasted)

Best of all, this element is more beneficial for the babies in comparison to the adults. It is because the immunity and resistance to bacterial infections are much needed for babies. Their developing little body and weak metabolism can be breached easily otherwise.

Why Feeding Milk in Silver Will Benefit the Baby?

There are many causes which make silver the best constituent in the manufacturing of containers, pots, spoons, cups, bowls, and plates as you read in above points. Now, let’s talk about the benefits of serving milk in it.

Silver as Antibacterial and Antimicrobial Agent

Yes, silver has disastrous effects on microbes or bacteria. Silver kills E-coli, Salmonella Typhi and many bad bacteria which can cause baby’s sickness or mortality. Giving milk in silver metal frees from any microbes. So, it is safe if you are using silver utensils.

Silver has Great Longevity

Silver is considered as one of the best metal for storing, preserving and fermenting drinks and eatables. Many people use silver coins or spoon in milk to keep it fresh. You can also do the same. Use silver for your storing baby’s food or milk in cups or containers so that milk or food does not lose its healthy characteristics.

Silver as Immunity Booster

In most countries, people believe that silver gives immunity to infants. Silver is a non-toxic element which does not adversely react with food although it makes food good by working as an immunity enhancer. This is the reason why silver is used as the main constituent in many tonics which induces immunity.

Silver’s Non-toxicity

It is universally accepted that Silver is non-toxic in nature. It will not react with foods and will not cause any toxicity to food although it will detect poisonous presences if there is any such constituent is present in the food. Yes! This metal has a unique characteristic of detecting poisonous matter like Arsenic or Sulphur in your food.

In the old time, royal families were fed in Silverwares to check if the food, milk or any drink is safe to consume or not.

Coolant Properties of Silver

You must have noticed that jewelry products are made of silver. It is because they keep to body cool. The sunstroke and other heat borne problems can be avoided if your child is using silver cups for drinking milk.

No Expiry Date

Plastics, BPA-free Plastics, Bone China, Glass, and so on – List is lost if you start counting the substances which can be carved out in cups and glass for the babies for feeding the milk. But every of them comes with an expiry date (don’t take it literally) – either they broke, or becomes unusable.

For example, any plastic cup (or any vessel) should expire from your kitchen (and baby’s life) in at most 6 months. But if you talk about silver, it can be used for a long-long time. Probably for whole your life!

Also, washing and cleaning are easy. However, you can consider the following things, while buying it for baby, in order to make its use easy and safe for you and the baby –

For Baby – Choose round-cornered products.
For you – Selected the least carved cups to make cleaning easy. Plain cups will be perfect.

What Effects Silver has on Your Body?

If we are talking in purely medical terms, considering the effect of this substance on the diseases and human body, to understand the importance of feeding milk in the silver cup, here are some unbelievable things silver do –

• Relieves from Chronic Fever
• Increases stamina and Strength of Body
• Empowers the body if it is weakened by long illness
• Heals the swelling of Intestine
• Bladder’s hyperactivity can be controlled through it
• Excellent for heart or liver

Above all, it controls a bad-tempered mind if your kid has it.

Why NOT Plastics!

Plastics can look good, cheap and widely available but not all the glitter is gold. When you’ll serve any hot drink, like milk in it, the coagulation of plastic particles will make the drink hazardous.

You may have got the answer that why old movies, people, and texts depict and favor the silverware when it’s about feeding to a baby. Also, your secret behind having good immunity is revealed (confirm from your parents if you were fed in silver/metal pots or not).

From childhood, you may have seen people gifting and buying silver utensil at baby’s birth and following ceremonies. The only reason behind this is the belief that silver induces longevity of life.

When you will peek into your old Granny’s cupboard, you will find many heavy silver utensils living in there. The use of silver in human races is being practiced from ancient time. From persevering food material to making food healthier, silver is considered as the best. Silver have various health values, for which it’s considered as one of the main utensils which should be used for feeding the child.

After reading this article, you must have known about silver’s facts and health effects on your baby’s life. So, stop the plastics from deteriorating the kid’s health and start feeding milk (or any hot drink) in the silverwares from now.