Why Should You Use Silver Utensils for Your Baby?

Medical Benefits of using Silver Utensils

Feeding your baby her first food is like a royal serving. When it is time for solids to your baby, you are extra careful. What is best for child’s health, what he/she likes to eat and many such questions! But in all these thoughts, have you forgotten to keep a check on the vessel in which every food and drink, healthy or unhealthy, is being served?

Do you want to know about the healthiest metal, which you can use to feed your baby every time? It is silver.

To start life in a royal and healthier way, a mother should give food to their baby in silver utensils and water or milk in the silver glass. After all, they are the most precious and adorable human beings on earth.

If you are still not sure whether to feed your baby in this metal then know the health and usability benefits of these vessels in next section.

In old days Kings and the Royal family were served food in Silverware. Was it just for royal lifestyle or there’s any scientific reason behind it?

Note – It is good to buy round cornered silver utensils for your baby so that it does not hurt your little baby.

Health Benefits of Silver Utensils

Babies need to maintain a strong metabolism with the help of their diet. Using unhealthy substances to store or serve food will make the food unhealthy too. So, better is to use metal vessels to serve milk and food and best is selecting healthier metal which is affordable too.

All above conditions point towards Silver. See what are the major health benefits and factors strongly favoring it for the babies –

Antibacterial Properties

The metal is best known for its therapeutic efficacy as an antibacterial substance. It kills the bacteria or stops the fungal growth in order to make your food healthier. You should use its utensils for your baby undoubtedly. Providing 100 percent surety of being bacteria-free, silver particles break bacterial cells, causing Lysis of bacteria, hence it is safer for your baby.

Antimicrobial Activity

It eliminates many microbes like E. Coli and salmonella Typhi bacteria to prevent food poisoning, gastrointestinal inflammation, and urinary tract infections. This element can benefit your baby by giving him protection against microbial organisms. It causes inhibitions of fungi and microbial growth.


Often, you must have noticed that when you put milk in plastic bottles, it smells stinky which means it gets deteriorated. Our ancestors used vessels, made of traditional metal, for storing purpose. There was a wide acceptance that it keeps milk, wine, and other foods safely for a longer period of time.

As a Purifier

Pots, made of this metal, were used in ancient time. The logic behind it is the purifying property of silver. Egyptians and Romanians used to keep water in its containers. Silver act as a powerful sanitizer and using silver vessels results in the purity of milk, keeping it germs free. So, you can give it to drink to your baby without worries.

Flashback – Silver coins were used to purify the water in wells and containers. Silver is an utterly pure substance with amazing characteristics.

Some purifiers are now advertising that they are utilizing silver in the purification process. However, you can put purified water in silver container to save a big amount (just saying)

Long lasting

Silver utensils are long lasting you can use silver for life long as durability of silver does not alter its consistency. You may found it costly but it is actually cheap as it all comes in your favor when used for years.


Silver is non-toxic (in fact, it is toxin detector) in nature. It helps to lower body’s temperature which is good for your baby to keep him away from heat stroke. Sterilizing silver is not needed as it is antibacterial itself. Silver have a unique property to check whether the food is poisonous or not, silver particles react with toxins and change its color if the food is poisonous.

Immunity Enhancer

You have no idea how useful silver is in enhancing the immunity of our body. It decreases infection and enhances resistance power. While serving hot, food will absorb melted and infused particles of that metal boosting your baby’s immunity.
If you are using silver utensils for your baby, you are eventually increasing your baby’s immunity. Silver foils or silver as an ingredient is also added in many supplements as an immunity booster.

Detection of Poison

Before giving food to your baby, you can’t check whether it is good for him or not but silver have this unique characteristic. Being highly reactive, silver when bought in contact with sulfur, forms a layer as it detects the presence of sulfides or arsenic and other poisonous substance.

Flashback – Decades back, the food was served to royal families in silver to make sure it’s non-poisonous.

NOTE: As Silver reacts to sulphur, serving eggs in silverware will change its color. Though the food is still safe, it is advised that you do not serve Eggs (hence also not custards, mayonnaise and puddings) or Salty food in silverware.

Bad breath

Silver is beneficial for your baby’s mouth as it neutralizes tooth decay, respiratory infection, and bad breath. It stops the growth of bacteria deep in throat and on the tongue, which also improves your baby’s breath and mouth sores.

For your awareness – Eating in plastic and non-BPA plates are hazardous for the health. They cause possible mental, hormonal, and genetic changes with the pace of time. (Though not turning you to alien but damaging a lot)

Did this question ever bother you that why eating in silver, mud, and banana leaves were so much in use in ancient time?

You may think that royals could afford the silver while others had to use cheaper alternates but that’s not the only logic behind it.

The answer is because these are good for our health and mental wellbeing. Silver was used in many configurations including containers, vessels, sutures, and coins. The fact is also proved by many researchers now.

There are more good things about silver, apart from the health. Check the merit part to understand it well –

Merits of Silver Utensils Over Other Materials

Easy to use

You can use silver easily. Heating or other exposure won’t affect silver utensil. Washing silver utensils don’t require much effort.


Use silver utensils lifelong, you don’t have to worry about breakage. It’s not easily breakable – your baby need be superman to break it.


You can use silver metal for storing purpose as none other metal is effective as silver.

Money Factor

If you are thinking that such utensils are very pricey, then start thinking of long-term. These spoons, mugs, glasses, plates and bowls will remain untarnished for decades, totally removing the need to get new things to eat in. so, it’s very cheap in long term.
And, you can always show off as silver never goes out of trend.

Using silver vessels will eventually increase food’s natural consistency and make healthier. Many people are unaware that silver is proved as one of the best metals for our body so still using plastic or other items for serving or making food. Also, it is not expensive and everyone can afford it if not bought yet. It is stylish as well.

Health and well-being don’t only come along with food only but it also depends on how effectively you are maintaining the hygiene. A healthy living surrounds healthy eating habits. One of the healthy eating habits is linked to the utensils, which you are using to eat in.

Benefits are unlimited but you must have to feed your baby instead of continuing to read this post of next some hours.

Hoping your baby will enjoy eating in silver cups and plates with tiny spoons, as these sparkling, healthy and beautiful utensils are made to love. Interest in food also increases the appetite so it’s a win-win for you.

If you know more health benefits or have any confusion, then just write to us by commenting below!