Difference between Silver and Sterling Silver

Silver For Baby: Pure Silver Vs Sterling Silver

You may have heard that in ancient time, silver has found many uses in the daily lives of people. At that time, everything like fork, spoon, jar, cups contained (partially or completely) this amazing metal.

Using silver for baby has many health benefits and merits as compared to other materials. Enriched in minerals content, this element is best to use in the manufacturing of the utensils.

Fine silver contains 99% of pure silver which is too soft to make utensils and functional objects. To make it hard, the alloy is generally added. It improves the quality of the product.

Usually, there are two types of silver – Sterling Silver and Silver, which are used to make utensils. People often get confused about these types of metals. Let’s see how there are different and how they affect the baby.

What is Sterling Silver? Why is it Used?

Sterling silver is an alloy and a form of pure silver. It contains 92.5% of silver and the remaining 7.5 is other metal usually copper, zinc, germanium, platinum, silicon etc.

This mixing reduces efforts in the casting of this metal while trying to give it the desired shape. It also increases resistance to air and moisture which cause dullness and diminished luster of metal.

Is Sterling Silver Better than Pure Silver?

Pure silver is so soft that it has no strength for standing alone. If it is manufactured alone, it breaks up easily. These properties make the silver unsuitable for cups, spoon, and plates.

It stretches out easily when used in pure form. Consider making a spoon out of it. That spoon will obviously cause bleeding of the tongue due to broken corners. Whereas in sterling silver, copper is added which give strengthen it, making it unbreakable.

Sterling Silver is a natural antiseptic and helps in resisting inflammation. Having excellent medical effects, sterling silver is good for your baby.
Silver doesn’t react with air, oxygen and water. It does not form silver oxides. It is considered one of the least reactive substances in its pure form. But it is affected by air pollution which turns it into black.

Sterling silver is relatively less in cost as compared to pure silver. It is also a good conductor of heat and electricity.

To preserve the properties of silver utensils, like its luster and brightness, other alloys are added to it.

Is Serving Food in Sterling Silverware Good for My Baby?

This question should definitely be answered in a “Yes”. The causes can be understood from the upcoming section.

In sterling silver, only 7.5% other metal alloys are added to make it stronger, without compromising with its positive attributes. Also, Sterling silver does not decrease the medical efficacy of the metal. It will give your baby following health benefits –

 It will keep your baby food bacteria-free and non-toxic.
 It increases the immunity of baby and has antimicrobial activity.
 It increases the shelf life of the food.
 Also, it prevents you from using the plastics, making the food safer for the child.

Silver is so much in trend till now, due to its beneficial effects on our health. Giving silver dinner set on baby’s arrival is in rituals. It is believed that like silver’s longevity, baby’s age also increases. It is because – the silver increase immunity.

The Verdict

Silver, in its purest form, is unstable and hence not fit for manufacturing of vessels, ornaments, etc. Using sterling silver is, hence, the better option for your baby’s safety and health.

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