How to Clean Black Tarnish from Silver Utensils and Bracelets?

Tips to Keep Silverware Clean and Shining

Silverware is always the most astonishing décor for the kitchen and showcases. Pieces of jewelry, flatware, tulip cups, tableware, and bracelets – all look adorable. The additional health benefits of the element double up the joy of using them.
The only problem occurs when silverwares start tarnishing. But you obviously don’t want toxic effects and some questions hit your mind –

How to clean silver items?

How to wash silver bracelet daily to retain its qualities and shine?

Which is the safe method to wash silver utensils and jewelry?

The brain starts clashing between market-ready products or by washing naturally. So, here we are, with some really great silverware washing tips. Let’s start with the cause first.

But Why Silver Tarnishes?

silver tarnish
Yellow to brown to black to darker colors – silver tarnishes and makes it difficult to clean the silver items. But do you know why it happens?
Hydrogen Sulfide or polluted air is the main causes of silver turning black. When food with high content of hydrogen, sulfur or copper is served in such vessels, oxidization takes place. The antique silver is covered will full layer of such oxide, forming the patina, and is considered exquisite.

Things to Avoid – How to Prevent Silver from Tarnishing

Before learning the cleaning methods for the silver products, you must understand the silverware washing tips for prevention of tarnishing. After all, no tarnish means no cleansing, right?

No Copper Detergents

Well. If you’ve read the reason of silver blackness (read above), you must know why NEVER to use copper detergents. You should definitely not apply a substance which is the main cause of black spots and tarnishing of silver i.e. Copper.

Avoid Dish Washing Liquid for Silverwares

Sterling silver items and silver-plated products should never be put into the dishwasher. Here are the causes –
• The roughness of detergent, as well as heat produced, will result in the dullness of silverware.
• If silver vessel touches stainless steel, black spots may arrive.
• In the dishwasher, the cleaning process can remove the patina (explained above) from antique silver items.

Keep away your Toothpaste

Do you use toothpaste for washing silver utensils and jewelry?

If yes, never do it again, especially for the plated materials. The abrasive ingredients of toothpaste will harm the luster and polish of silver.

Silverware Washing Tips – How to Clean Silver Items?

The best way of clearing the black spots is cleaning them by washing naturally. Here are some safe methods to wash silver utensils and jewelry –

Using Aluminum Foil, Vinegar and Sea Salt

Put aluminum foils in a bowl with the shiny side up and sprinkle baking soda (1 tablespoon, more will it’ll harm your jewelry or vessels) and 1 tbsp sea salt on it. Pour a cup of boiled water and ½ cup vinegar and in the bowl with the arrangement we just made for silver cleaning. Leave the bracelets and jewelry in the bowl for some time. Then take it out with kitchen tong, rinse it and let it dry.

Using Ketchup

Pour ketchup into a dish and keep the silver bracelet, utensils and jewelry submerged in it for 10 minutes. Take it out and rinse with warm water.

Using Banana Peels

banana peels
Take banana peels and some drops of water to make a paste. Use a cloth to rub the paste on your silverware or bracelet or jewelry piece. Wash it afterward and remove the sticky parts using cloth.

Silverware Washing and Keeping Tips

You have already learned safe methods to wash silver utensils and jewelry. Some tips, apart from silverware washing tips, which you should definitely know are –
• Store jewelry, bracelets, utensils and all silver pieces in airtight containers and dry them before you enclose. You can use cotton to cover utensils.
• If there is excessive tarnish, you may need to visit a jeweler.
• For bracelets and other items – wash them regularly. These items have to face pollution, soap, and detergents along with you.
• Use them regularly instead of occasional showcasing.
Hope the article has taught you well about how to clean silver items and the safe methods to wash silver utensils and jewelry daily. So, try these silverware washing tips for washing your silver belongings naturally. Don’t forget to tell which idea worked the best for you.