What is the Best Gift for a New Born Baby?

What makes Silverware the Best Gift to a Baby?

Silver is used for making jewelry, utensils, boxes and even furniture from an ancient time. Especially in India, silver jewelry has a special place in mythologies and people’s lives. When it comes to gifting a baby, we always think something special. What can be more special than something made of silver that is precious and has lots of benefits? Moreover, the baby and his parents can treasure it for life.

Why is Silverware Best Gift for Babies?

We have always heard the proverb “Born with a silver spoon”. In India and surrounding countries in Indian sub-continent and even in some western countries, silver is considered as the best gift for a baby ever since he is born. But the question is why? Why is silverware like a bowl or a bracelet made of silver always considered the best choice for baby giftings over any other stuff like clothing, baby care products or toys?

• Tradition says, feeding a baby with the silver spoon or keeping baby food or milk in a silver bowl has some health benefits. Even science backs up this statement with proofs.
• Gift is precious, looks awesome and can be kept an asset
• In almost all religions and cultures, silver is considered as “lucky”
• Silver, when paired with gemstones or silver jewelry alone, has astrological benefits and do not affect good stars. It suits everyone astrologically.
• Good for baby’s skin and does not create any irritation like any other heavy metal.
• Silver spoon” is considered a sign of royalty all over the world.

Benefits of and Advantages Using Silverware and Silver Jewellery for Babies:

Feeding a baby first time of his life using a silver bowl and silver spoon is considered a royal affair. But keep aside the show-off, there are many other benefits of using silver on babies whether it is jewelry or utensils. Let’s find out –

Health Benefits:

When you use a metal utensil for a baby, you are always concerned about its safety. Silver is considered the safest metal to use as a utensil. Health advantages of using silver are many.
a. Science has proved that silver kills bacteria. Bacteria can never be immune to silver and thus it stops bacterial and fungal growth.
b. Silver is non-toxic and is very safe to feed the baby. Silver does not react with food and thus food remains safe and healthy in silver bowls.
c. Silver is anti-microbe. It removes microbes like salmonella typhi or e-coli and keeps babies safe from diseases like typhoid.
d. Milk or any other food remains fresh for long in a silver utensil and thus it is very good for storage unlike plastic or other metal.
e. Science proves that silver builds immunity in children.
f. Silver reacts with metals like arsenic or lead and thus it can be used to detect these toxic substances in water for babies putting a silver coin into it.


Silverware can be customized before gifting. Like, engrave babies name into it. In some cultures, people engrave their religious sign into a silver bracelet or pendant. They believe that by doing this the holy sign or image of God will be with the baby forever and it will protect him from odds throughout his life. In India, some people engrave babies parent’s name in bracelets. Also, beautiful and inspirational quotes can be engraved in a silver bowl or bracelet.


There is literally an ocean of things to gift to a baby in today’s world. But everyone has specific choice of clothing, baby care brands or toys. If someone gives a silverware, it is just everyone’s choice. Moreover, there are many choices and varieties available for products that are made up of silver. Silver cups of different sizes, silver utensils like bowls, plates, spoons etc, silver bracelets, silver pendants with photograph options, anklets silver chains etc. You can get beautiful designs and patterns according to your choice and budget.


Clothing, towels, and toys have to be different for boys and girls. Moreover, some people like to have specific colors for each gender, like blue for boys and pink for girls. Silver utensils and bracelets are unisex. It can be gifted to a baby boy as well as a baby girl without worrying much about the gender of a newborn baby.

Useful Gift

Unlike showpieces, toys or photo-frames, silverware can be utilized. Utensils can be used for feeding for a longer period of time and throughout life. Also, bracelets or anklets made of silver can be worn as long as wanted.

Royal Gift

Silver is considered as a symbol of Royalty in most of the cultures. Silver multiplies the beauty of precious white or blue gemstones like diamond or sapphire. Therefore, thrones and crowns were made of silver with these precious stones in ancient times. Even in 21st-century silver is considered to be a royal gift for babies.

A Gift Forever

Gifts made of silver are strong and long-lasting. Also, these are very easy to clean and preserve. Because of the durability of the metal, silver utensils, bracelets or silver cups can be used for the baby longer, till he is minimum 10 years old. Then these gifts can be preserved forever for generations.

Anyone can Gift It

Gifting has some social norms in every culture. Parents or relatives can gift something, that friends or outsiders can’t etc. But, in case of silver products, it can be gifted by anyone and acceptable in every culture. Also, silver gifts are inexpensive but precious. So, anyone can afford to give a silver bowl, silver bracelet or a silver cup and bring a smile to the parent’s faces.

Gifts are valuable and should be given and kept like treasure. If you want to give a baby something healthy, durable and precious memory, give him silver bowl, silver bracelet or a silver cup as a gift.